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    A N I M A T I O N S – F I L M S

    It is a display of moving visualized images in a frame that imparts life, emotions, and engagement to a computer-generated scene.

    Impact Design


    An imagination to celebrate space exclusively.

    It all began with a desire to integrate three materials along with the shape and orientation of the architectural design.

    The elaborative planning and placement ensured the highly distinctive blend with the beautiful open, wide, and green space.

    We’ve specifically used dawn, dusk, and moonlight which not only offers a great warm and cool environment but also plays with all the elements, materials, and textures of the space remarkably.

    We’ve also experimented with different frame angles and background music for creating a unique ambience.

    Solitaire Connect

    Redefining the terminologies of corporate luxury..!!

    While making this full CGI, we’ve experimented with the dynamic video transitions along with the unique genre of background music to make one feel the energetic environment of a new-age corporate workspace located in a prime location of Ahmedabad.

    The North Apartment 

    Behind this, our sole idea was to show the space dedicated to nature. A space that was divided into a wide variety of greenery and the comfortable usability of the space makes it therapeutic.

    The North Apartment 

    Behind this project, our idea was to show the space which can directly connect with the audience. We have tried to showcase the beauty of the space by integrating only necessary elements thereby keeping it real..!!


    We have created this particular project to represent the typical joyful culture and life long peaceful lifestyle of unique town Rajkot in Gujarat, India. Our main challenge was to recreate each plant, local materials, water body and fountains required by client. We have tried to incorporate client’s view and perspective with speech in our storyline. We welcome your thoughts and suggestion.


    Check out our newest project VENETIAN, with a breathtaking view of the Sabarmati Riverfront Ahmedabad.

    Venus Pahel


    Our main focus in this project was to blend the boundaries between architecture and nature. We have tried to envision it in such a way that one can feel the lifetime beauty of the above-mentioned blends.

    Our client provided an interview with “Franklin Po – TIERRA DESIGN(S) PTE LTD – Singapore” who explained to us the complete project.

    We’ve also created a conceptual documentary presentation for the viewer since the project had a very different type of architecture and landscape design in Ahmedabad. The sole objective was to make people understand the depth of the project and can make one visualize a lifestyle that the client was trying to build. Tierra provided a detailed plan.


    Enjoy the beautiful sunset from your Verántes home! Located in an area surrounded by only bungalows, our apartments offer stunning uninterrupted views from all sides. Verántes – 22 Limited Edition Apartments located at Zydus Hospital Road, Ahmedabad. The apartments are named after the stunning balconies in each home giving beautiful and uninterrupted views of the city.

    B Square iii

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