Making Of Ebony Living

    East Ebony _IMPACT 3D (9)

    Hello Folks,
    We are Team Impact from India this is our first blog post about Making Of. After so many questions about our workflow and special techniques we decided to post our workflow in our Blog. It is our great pleasure to share knowledge with our CGI community. We are glad and honoured to do this.

    Tools mostly we used :
    Sketch Up, Autodesk 3ds max 2017, Corona Render, Adobe Photoshop.

    Whenever we start new Project we first meet Client & Architect and ask their requirement for this Project what they want to show and what is their view behind this project. We discuss with them about Design and Basic Concepts and we collect lot of references for this project. Later we discuss with our team also how to approach this Project.

    Reference from Client :

    It is our first step to gather some references form Client & Architect.


    REF 01

    Modeling :

    For Basic Modeling we prefer Google Sketch UP. It is very fast and efficient way to create Structure Model. We highly recommend this tool.

    EastEbony_Sketchup View (1)

    Camera & Basic Lighting Setup :

    After Finishing Model we start working in 3ds Max. Here we Import Skp Model as .3ds extension and setup Basic Camera Angle. We use Max Standard Camera with Script Overscan, ImageComphelper to Frame our View. We follow Perspective Rule of Third also to better visualise Camera Angle. We use Corona Sun&Sky for initial light setup.

    BasicSun Direction and Setup

    Here where we apply override material with 180 Gray Value to all object except  window glasses to setup basic lighting and Exposure.

    Base For Lighting Set UP

    In this we generally focus on Basic Camera Exposure & Light Angle.

    Basic LightSetup Using Interactive Render For Working

    Furniture Models : 

    For Furniture Model there are great many site we can use. For this Project we have mostly model furniture as Clients required Specific Set of Furniture & Props we use 3ds Max for this purpose.

    all model

    Materials : 

    This is where we put our most effort Materials. Material is one of the most important things for Making A Realistic Render. We always use real world reference & Values while creating materials. We focus on PBR Shading Technology in Corona it is highly efficient and easy way to create Realistic Materials.

    Material_Marble Floor Gray


    PartitionScreen_Model using editable poly Closeup & Material




    After Modelling and Material We Place them in our Scene.

    Add Furniture as per your requirement

    Now its Time to add Lights. Lighting in corona is very easy and fun, we use ies lights to light up interior spaces. There are grate many sources to get .ies files just Google it.


    LivingChandeliar_LightSetup Using Corona Light Material


    ModelingTexturing FinishSnap

    Now it’s Time to Quick Render Test. This is where real Fun begins we use Corona LightMix Feature. You can find Tutorial on YouTube. We setup basic LightMix Passes first. Then we start Test Render using Corona Interactive Rendering Features. It is Great Tool to lighting in realtime.

    Final_Render after Quick Lightmix Test

    Here are some Test on how individual LightMix Passes will Look like.

    Lightmix EXp_01

    Lightmix EXp

    Here is Final LightMix Parameters on which we settled for.


    Render settings : 

    This is Corona Render’s Magic Part. There is nothing to do here. As Corona Developer constantly explains that they don’t want Artist to burden with great many settings. Rather then tweaking lot of setting as other competitive renders require corona focuses on simpler yet effective workflow. You will just have to set numbers of passes for rendering your view and let everything else to their defaults. Below here are screens from our settings.

    Final Render seting

    Here is the Final Image  with Editing. We used Photoshop for Post Processing.

    Thank you for reading this article. if you want to see more images of this project you can check it on our Behance page.

    East Ebony _IMPACT 3D (9)



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